Managed Services vs. Break Fix

The Managed Service Advantage

Why should you consider a Managed Service approach? First, ask yourself the following:

  • How many days can you afford to have your network down?
  • Can you afford employee down time and loss of productivity?
  • Will your customers understand the delay in response time?
  • Can you afford additional IT costs and hours to resolve the issue?

Not only can Break Fix (“survival mode”) cause major headaches for your business, it can result in loss of customers, revenue, productivity and system unpredictability. Just one IT catastrophe can drastically affect your bottom line and re-direct your focus from what you do best: growing your business.  By committing to our Managed IT Services Program, you put your business in proactive mode, allowing our IT professionals to monitor and handle any issues efficiently, effectively and timely before they impact your business.

Customer service is our #1 priority.  SNA becomes an extension of your staff because we care about your success!

More detailed information regarding our Managed IT Services Program